Advanced Hooks API Plugin

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WordPress uses a callback for the actions and filters. This means that you should always call back, or:

  • made available by the kernel (restricted)
  • Circuit (dirty)
  • coded independently (that is – a lot)

This plugin provides anSeries of custom add_* functions to connect more slozhnyesobyty:

  • add_action_with_args() callback hooks and arguments to run it with
  • Advanced Download plugin API hooks


    WordPress works with aCallback action undFilter. This means that you vsegdaurozhdennoy …

    (add_filter_return) – overwrite the filter with arbitrary

  • add_filter_prepend() and add_filter_append() – Hook line suffix / prefix meaning and filtered arays
  • add_filter_replace() – editsubstring or array of values in the filter

Both implementations and features are experimental.

Feel free to discuss and contribute to the concept of

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Install Advanced API Hooks

  1. Download advanced-hooks-api folder /wp-content/plugins/Directory
  2. Activate the plugin in the Plugins in menyuWordPress



  • Primary distribution release store.

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