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a strong performance client / server system to NA meetings can be found.
"Root Server" is an independent website, but "satellite servers are configured to point to the "root". This is a "companion" is configured as a plug-in WordPress.
It is very easy to install and use. He hatAdministrations area that you can choose the map center, have a root to create a zoomed map, and whether the older browsers.

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Main Board Meeting Toolbox (BMLT) is strong climate …

WARNING: Be especially careful in the upgrade to 2.0, because there is a significant departure from the 1.x version!
Style, was particularly affected. If you have customized the installation, you probably need to be renewed. We recommend thatA "theme" custom, create, modify one of the included themes.

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  1. \4 The results are displayed as a map

  2. \Satellite Pop simple "preset" search

  3. \Satellite Mobile basic results (not smartphone) devices

  4. \to



  • 12th August 2011
  • Fixes a couple of theme / style errors.
  • It softens very strange Firefox bug where blank pages are caused by the closing position of the region.


  • 8th August 2011
  • It implements a powerful new short: "bmlt_map"


  • 16th July 2011
  • Consequently many warnings, which can in a really anal-retention media experience.


  • 27th June 2011
  • This is one kurzeNew "bmlt_changes. This is the first fruit of the new structure.


  • 20th June 2011
  • Fixed "invisible" to standard output-error-headers, which are chosen with the correct settings can interfere.
  • Modified to use the new structure, the possible joint projects, the "embedded" be easier.


  • 14th June 2011
  • Added text and comments on the location of the meeting information is displayed on the go.


  • 24th May 2011
  • Moved AJAX handler for the "initialization" phase, as "RG", seemed to be waiting a long time.
  • Added possibility, a list of changes in the renewal notice display, very cool!
  • Added link to settings plaginlistinga.


  • 22nd May 2011
  • Fixed a bug is very strange thatapparently the fault causing 500s on some servers. I do not know why the fix worked, but it works. This only happens when the "address only" search on the go.


  • 18th May 2011
  • Fixed an error that windows "More" for preventing the show.


  • 16th May 2011
  • Fixed a bug kotorayapredotvratit pop-up menu and theclassic online searches, which are shown on one page (it's OK to pass).


  • 8th May 2011
  • Fixed a bug that prevented some additional search parameters.


  • 7th May 2011
  • Fixed a bug that prevented saving JavaScript.


  • 6th Mai2011
  • Added changes of the cross-CMSDlyaDrupal module class and style. Has little influence on WordPress.


  • 3rd May 2011
  • Various problems in the implementation of the plug-in Drupal (the code is much cross-CMS).
  • Added GPL header Everything.


  • 28th April 2011
  • Fixed bug where short bmlt_mobile misinterpreted (WordPress only victims.)


  • 26 aprelya2011
  • To work a mistake in the short and difficult journey, not the multiple speed dial numbers on the same page.


  • 24th April 2011
  • The major code cleanup.
  • There was some minor cosmetic bugs in the admin JavaScript and CSS.


  • 23rd April 2011
  • Unfortunately. more of a warning-Spitter sneaked through. This has been fixed.


  • 23 aprelya2011
  • It was a little bug in the JS version of the report. It will not cause errors, as such, but caused additional text that will be handed over.


  • 21st April 2011
  • Address some issues that cause problems on some servers (INTVAL strange () implementation) could.
  • Finish to save the settings to use POST, and theTransaction volume may be too large for GET, if you have a lot of settings.


  • 20 aprelya2011
  • Fixed several warnings that interfere with 2.1.1


  • 20th April 2011
  • Recorded in mobile FIELDSET in the admin.
  • Added possibility to Mobile "grace install time" and set the offset from the mobile server.
  • Added some corrections and adjustments, like well-oiled Joomla plugin.


  • 11th April 2011
  • To facilitate Znachitelnyyrefaktoringa to connect to all other content management systems.
  • Has added the capability to select the distance units (miles or kilometers). This only affects the mobile processor (so far).
  • Added the ability to use languageDesign, an original interactive search (a standard can choose another language, server).


  • 3rd March 2011
  • It was a critical problem in the 2.0.1, because of stupid mistakes coder "part appeared.


  • 3rd March 2011
  • The problem with JavaScript, prevents the options do not appear in Firefox.
  • Added some parameters to zero get_page ()calls to avoid warnings.


  • 21st February 2011
  • Release.
  • Added GNYR special issue.


  • 20th February 2011
  • Some problems that arose during the beta.


  • 14th February 2011
  • Major rewrite. Now you can change some settings that can include a variety of servers.
  • You can "theme" shows.
  • We will no longer be maintained without JS browsers.
  • Mobile content is woven into the plug. Currently, it allows the page to be replaced by a fast mobile search, if necessary.
  • The management has improved dramatically.
  • This обеспечиваетинфраструктуры for many future Verbesserungen.Version was 2.0 for the transition from old to newSystem develops.


  • 2nd October 2010
  • Very, very little change in the text to locate the plug easier.
  • Changed the CSS so that the plug would be more efficient adaptation to different environments.


  • 18th September 2010
  • Additional support for some new nachalnogoEkran regime.


  • 4thSeptember 2010
  • Added some standard CSS to continue the search flexible specification.


  • 30th August 2010
  • Make sure that all calls GET CURL, because some servers do not like the POST.


  • 23rd July 2010
  • Added support for entry into readable text meta tag ([[BMLT]]).


  • 1iyulya2010
  • Stop by the croaking of the entire plug-in match if they call_curl crash (trying to insert an empty block).


  • 1st June 2010
  • Made it so that the search for each session you can not get to the root servers.


  • 30th May 2010
  • Added JS and optimizer for style files.
  • There was a bug in the new selection.


  • 29 maya2010
  • Built-in simple search function in the plugin.


  • 28th May 2010
  • added together to specifications direct access to the CMS to enable a simple dump.


  • 23rd April 2010
  • Fixed old bug that the interaction works between the server (the rotor) can influence.


  • 23rd April 2010
  • Added code zulassenRoot server URI contains kontseslesh.


  • 2nd April 2010
  • Additional support for "simple" table built into the session.


  • 21st February 2010
  • Run to test PDF before, as well as other plug-ins can disturb.


  • 16th February 2010
  • Additional support for Android


  • 14th February 2010
  • Additional support for the iPhone
  • Problem solved, Scurl participants.


  • 30th December 2009
  • Added ability to alternate method of viewing window "More." "Push in"
  • Added the ability for administrators to set any CSS styles.


  • 24th November 2009
  • Added documentation section for the administration. No code changes.


  • 8th November 2009
  • Fixed a bug where the Pre-check-boxes in the admin not able to fill, if only for one region.


  • 4th November 2009
  • Fixed a bug where the advancedSearch criteria was ignored in print from PDF files:


  • 3rd November 2009
  • Additional support for direct printing of PDF (requires 1.2.15 root servers).


  • 3rd October 2009
  • There was one small problem warnings, so that the OptionenInitialisierung.


  • 24th September 2009
  • DobavlenoSposobnostPre-service check "of the body via the Advanced Search. This feature requires that the root server is also version 1.2.3.


  • 20th July 2009
  • PHP 5.2.10 seems eserwarten a slightly different interpretation of the explode (), so it's easier.


  • 25th June 2009
  • Inter-server communication is done through POST, which is a little more reliable.


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