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To create a page function reference to the code includes information about the search function and deal with complex markup wiki.

This plug-inautomatisiert a large part of the process, reading the documentation of functions and the conversion to wiki markup built-in:

  • shortand long descriptions of the functions
  • uux parameter default values
  • WordPress version of this function was added
  • The source file containing the function

You can browse, search, sort and filter the most of this information in the interface plug-in.

Charge theCode Generator Plugin


Create a page in a function reference Kodeksevklyuchaet to search for information about the function …

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  1. \<codeCodex Generator

Please note that this plugin is not correctly turned on with the opcode caching. Opcode caching mechanisms (such as APC or eAccelerator) refuse PHPDoc data, make esnicht for the plug-in.


Are there any data about every single feature of WordPress?

The plugin is currently considering these functions. You can not see the functions of theFiles are loaded only in the cases determined and inactive plugins.

Why complain that opcode caching?

Opcode caching makes things run and immediately threw insignificant information, while on it. Sun PHPDoc (vistochnik built-in documentation) is not available in this case. And does this plugin.

Should I ask my hosts disable opcode caching?

Absolutely not! This plugin ismainly for use in the development environment is. You can run it in production, but should not jeopardize Sien view the performance for this reason.



  • (Enhancement) is added to search and sort functions in the table funktsiyinterfeys
  • (Fixed) added spaces at the confluence of multi-brief description
  • (Back) moved toa separate parser class
  • (Back) added utility class
  • (Back) added a feature class of queries


  • (Gain) implemented in order to function names offer
  • Note (gain) added when PHPDoc for functions
  • (Enhancement) Added a link to a page plug-in plugin list
  • (Fix) Fixed and improvedNature and cost of converting to strings
  • (Fixed error) changed the water types of the parameters of "mixed" together to face the tube HTML
  • (Back) refactoring analyzer


  • Initial release.

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