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For cross-post Friendika 1.1, wordpress plugin, set to cross-post Friendika, invite cross-post for Friendika, cross-postings, Friendika

This plugin allows you to cross post your account Friendika.

** Please note that this plug-in HTML bbcode that convert to WordPress 2.3 Posted in Friendika.

Convert BBCode to ignore the height and width of the image remain so in the mind whenThey are very large
Kotoroeizmenenie image size and height with the attributes, these attributes are not paid in the period after friendika
Will this fix in version 1.2

Download crosspost plugin for Friendika


This plugin allowsCross them, post your account Friendika.

** Note that this plug-in co …


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Set crosspost For Friendika

  1. Install the plugin from the WordPress admin panel.


  1. Download the plugin folder /wp-content/plugins/ directory.
  2. Activate the plugin menu "Plugins" WordPress.
  3. In the settings, enterYour full name and account password and click the submit button
  4. To cross-post to make sure the box next to "Message Cross Friendika 'checked before publication.


Crosspostings Friendika for WordPress



  • Added feedback from the position of the form change.


  • Initial release.

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