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CSV (Excel File) to Webpage Component help to upload data in a CSV (Excel File) file to webpage in one click.It is easy to use and simple to implement.It is possible to upload CSV content to webpage in table format.

This plugin is very helpful for those who need to update scores or any other data in a regular basis.Using this component it is possible to upload the file from backend to a specified location.There is options to set the style to display tables from the backend .

Download CSV To Webpage Pearlbells Plugin


CSV (Excel File) to Webpage Component help to upload data in a CSV (Excel File) file to webpag…

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Installation of CSV To Webpage Pearlbells

  • Download and Unzip the file
  • Upload pearl_csv_to_webpage the folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  • Place your CSV file to /wp-content/plugins/pearl_csv_to_webpage/upload/ folder.
  • Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
  • Go to the webpage where you want to display the CSV content and enter [pearl_csv_to_webpage_display yourfilename.csv]


Can display data from two CSV file in one page ?

Yes it is possible .You include the plugin shortcode two time as shown below.
[pearl_csv_to_webpage_display yourfilename1.csv]
[pearl_csv_to_webpage_display yourfilename2.csv]

Can I customise the tables to match with the look and feel of my website ?

Yes is you set styles from the admin area.



Initial Release

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