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Finally, the WordPress plugin is aimed at web developers! After developing its own website with WordPress, we saw that there really is not a good plugin out there aimed at web designers to show their portfolios. DLG Results has decided to give our plugmodulyasoobschestvo him further while supporting its use.

The plugin gives control over the layout, in which you want to show your portfolio issues. It currently supports three viewing modes, a flash, saw, miniature and list view. We plan on keeping this plugin up to date, adding new features so that any query that you Siefinden place on our website or in the forums.

Href = 'Http://www.wordpress-plugin.org/wp-content/archive/dlg-web-designer-portfolio.zip "id =" anchor "target =" _blank "> download portfolio plugin DLG


Finally, the WordPress plugin is aimed at web developers! Reverse engineering of the own website …

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Set DLG Portfolio

Add folder to your plugin folder
777 /plugins / DLG Portfolio / uploads /
Chmod 777 / plugins / DLG Portfolio / uploads / thumbs /
Chmod 777 / plugins / DLG Portfolio / cache /
Idtina DLG portfolio page to start the admin, your positions in the portfolio.


[DLG-portfolio template = 'flash' type = '1 ']
[DLG-portfolio template = 'icon-type = '1']
[DLG-portfolio template = 'Liste'Type = '1']



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