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Free membership plugin WP-1.1.5, WordPress plugin WP-based module free membership, free download WP-Membership Membership Module

With layers of content protection. Levels can protect the messages, pages and categories.
Levels are not consistent, they are similar to the group.
Currently, payment gateways, by stripping out non-functional copy of the open source process.
You are in Over time, be restored, including: PayPal, and Google Checkout.

The primary repository for free membership WP



Provides the ability to restrict membership based site to have. (Formerly Synergy Software Group LLC)

Install free plug-in WP-Membership

Simply unzip the wp-content/pluginspapka


made light capability, to have a membership-based restriction site. (Formerly Synergy Software Group LLC)



  • The first issue, as Open Source

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