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Gpx2Chart 0.2.0, WordPress plugin Gpx2Chart to load Gpx2Chart, graphics, GPX, trace

This plugin generates a chart from a GPX file. The file will be processed in real time, without any intermediate steps stored data in the database, and the contents of the WP directory. Currently the plugin with the GPX files from the Garmin devices tested had created.
TRK-section is analyzed and information about yourHeart rate, tone and reduces the flow rate can be rasschityvaetsya.S GPX files contain a large number of data points by a certain amount to ensure that the rendering time graph does not consume much time, so in your browser.
You can hover over the resulting graph to obtain detailed information about the currently selected instance. She can also off the charts, which are currently displayed.Each curve gets a Y-axis and color.
You can also click the image, zoom in to get more information.

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This plugin generates a chart from a GPX file. The file will be processed in real time, not that …

To support development of modern charts instead of high. It is distributed under the license and are therefore compatible with the GPL.

Up to version 0.1.5 is the only machine. Please respect their licenses and prices (only free for non-commercialUse).

Starting with 0.2.0, and rendering engines are available. Charts not fully support high available and will be further reduced. If you do not have (because you do not want to switch FLEET) Please let mneznayu.

This plugin can also work with older versions of WordPress (3.1.x), but it depends, at least in PHP V5. Please let me know if you have any problems with it.

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  1. Graph heart rate, height of a track undGeschwindigkeit

  2. \[Gpx2chart

    More options
    gpx2chart HREF =''(maxel = '51 ') (debug) (width = '90%') (metadata = 'cadence heart rate speed distance ") (display =' heart rate cadence high speed")

    • maxel = "<maxelem>"
    • Width -> width of the main container. May in pixels or% are indicated. Will be entered directly velementom style;
    • color_ (heart rate | cadence | height | rate) = ('# AA4643', '# 4572A7', '# 89A54E', '# CACA00')
    • title_ (heart rate | cadence | height | rate)
    • display = 'high speed cadence heart rate "
    • dashstyle_ (heart rate | cadence | height | rate) = (Solid, ShortDash, ShortDot, ShortDashDot, ShortDashDotDot, dot, dash, LongDash, DashDot, LongDashDot, LongDashDotDot) default hardisklyucheniemheartrate = shortdot
    • seriestype_ (heart rate | cadence | height | Speed) = (areaspline area, bar, column, line, pie, scatter, spline) spline by default, except for height = areaspline
    • to = (Fleet, charts high) standard fleet
    • Debug -> If it's a PHP module was still some information in the HTML file


Where can I get the development version?

There are several possibilities. You can egoiz ( ) or use a packaged version of WordPress Beidi selection of "other version '=> development version. It is more or less stable version.
If you really want to use on the edge, you must download it from As different as before: the local copy on my computer -> GitHub -> WordPress SVN trunk -> WordPress SVN tag
Tagged version on GitHub have the same code base as one day WordPress.

There are known bugs?

Yes, I'm sorry, there aresome known bugs. I have not had time to repair or even a trace of them.

  • The inscription on the x-axis disappear sometimes when selecting / snyavodno Graphics

There is a timetable?

Yes, this is a kind of road map. But the order depends on my time.

  • Write better documentation
  • Make more customizable graphs
  • Add CSS to thePosition that will change now displayed under the graph
  • Include a link to OSM module, Lon / lat information displayed on the map with the cursor on the chart.
  • Add some additional error detection (eg, file not found) and then change the output.

Can I use my own rendering engine

Yes! I would really appreciate this. But I'm sorry to say that the interfaces foradditional plug-ins to make ready. They are also not very well documented. Want Please contact me if you want to add their own rendering engine.



  • Change FLEET API instead umolchaniyurenderinga High Charts.
  • GPX2Chart still comes with two rendering engines (Fleet and High Charts)
  • High charts is still supported if you = 'high chart"Add option tag. It is probable changes in the future, and the only engine fleet, further development will be won.


  • improved error handling, if not defined HREF
  • improved error handling, if the file can not bytotkryty
  • Other options available jetztzur (metadata, display, width, debugging)
  • removes the need for $ object. I now useJQuery directly
  • DashStyle standard type and are now in the variable
  • Introduced CSS classes gpx2chart gpx2chartchart, gpx2chartmeta, gpx2chartdebug. You have not yet filled with life.


  • It seems that some interfaces will not work on the Host Europe. Interfaces udalyayutsyaseychas


  • Problem when using plugins_url () function. I could not seethis error before because I did not verwendenunbeaufsichtigte installation:)


  • Rename ww_gpx_info to gpx2chart


  • The original version of the plugin

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