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Live blog using G-Snap!’s WordPress plugin today. G-Snap! is the premier live blogging experience for WordPress as it gives content publishers like yourself a better way to engage and connect with your audience. Whether you’re a mainstream media journalist or a blogger looking to go big, G-Snap! makes it easy for you to live blog news and events as they are happening.

G-Snap!’s interactive live blogging platform will let you post updates, interact directly with your readers and their comments, add pictures and video imagery to your reporting, polls, tweets, post to Facebook, Twitter and Yahoo, and much more – all in real-time. Most importantly, you will have access to G-Snap!’s advanced moderation controls that give you the power to choose what is published into your live event.

Download Live Blog Plugin


Live blog using G-Snap!’s WordPress plugin today. G-Snap! is the premier live blogging experi…

Note: G-Snap! Premium users also have the ability to theme their live blog and add
custom in-stream advertising from their sponsors. To learn more, go to


None yet.

Installation of Live Blog

  • Download and unzip the plugin in the /wp-content/plugins/ directory.

  • Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress.

  • To start live blogging, go to and create your live event. Once created (should only take 30 seconds) take note of the ID in the browser bar, e.g.:

  • Next, start a new post on your blog and add the shortcode, like this:

[snaplet id="event id" width="350" height="550]

note: the optional “width” and “height” attributes are the plugin pixel width and
height. If unspecified they default to 350 and 550, respectively.

  • Once saved, your live blog will be ready for your readers. As the moderator,
    stay on to host and moderate your event where you’ll have
    access to everything you need for it to be successful. Your viewers will of
    course have access to your event directly from your blog.




  • Switched from Flash to HTML.


  • Initial version.

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