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Ndizi Project Management, WordPress plugin Ndizi project management, download Ndizi project management, customer management, project management, task management

Ndizi project management in the development of semi-active, which means only that I have time between client projects, I will develop it further.

Furthermore, as this is a beta version, please use the "Report Error" in thePlugin if you break something to see! If yapredupredil, surely it will be patched in soon.

Currently supports storing Ndizi:

  • Customers
  • Projects (the clients)
  • (Can relate to projects and WordPress users are assigned) problem

    Ndizi proektaUpravlenie in a semi-active development is, but it just means that I have to offer the time …

  • (Can relate to projects and WordPress users are assigned) Record Time
  • Invoices (on the projects, and [soon] appointed time reports)
  • Messages and attached files (which will soon be) on theattached to projects and tasks

Ndizi also allows you to front-page on your website where your customers autentifitsirovatsyai their details, invoices, projects (including the time for everyone, but not individual reports of the time) to see, and each task (status) to their projects. You can also add new tasks, which are then added back to change for you to clarify and organize as needed.

Other features (in no particularOrder):

  • VerspätetAufzeichnungen bills, or that it "unpaid" hours.
  • At the request of the connection time, reports of the task .
  • Exports account for other services such as Freshbooks and other systems, billing, rather than managing intern
  • Deployment users and customers to messages and upload files by projects or tasks. (The structure is in place now, butnot in full)
  • New Contacts data type to associate with you (none, one or more) contacts with enables (None, one or more) of the clients or projects.
  • E-mail, user prislannoeopredelennyh when clients add tasks via the interface of the site.
  • New Time Entry for non-administrators.
  • Adding a better resolution to use for different tasks.
  • Adding aPage of the "Reports" for the user to view the statistics, while numbers in various projects and the like.
  • Configuration of clients and projects, "inactive" or "archive" old. (Half-implemented.Jetzt I just need to "Inactive" means to have something)
  • Gantt charts, in connection with the mass Demand.
  • Open to all other offers user interface!

IfThey want love and Ndizi a donation, do not let me. Give people who need it. (I'm not connected in any way, I'm just thinking, they do a good job)

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Set Ndizi Project Management

  1. Download folder ndizi-project-management in the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Activate the plugin via the "Plugins" WordPress
  3. Dobavitklientov, projects, tasks and time.
  4. Enter your most important customers, if you want, and they can their accounts, projects and tasks on your exterior Ndizi add pages, and sogarneue tasks.


Another system of project management? Really?

Yes. I'm tired, what can I say? And I realized that I could not find a particularly good system failed somewhere for the WordPress meant that the peopleeinfachzhazhdeteispravit.

This is free software, and will always be free software. I'm actively building skills and will be rolling in billing, before we actually hit 1.0

So wasein "Ndizi" anyway?

Ndizi the word banana in Swahili. Besides being a wonderful source of potassium, pet favorites ( ), and theTreatment of a hangover, sing about bananas poGarri Belafonte in his "Day-O (Banana Boat Song)" in which he describes as "Well, sir number of people counted me a banana …" Like Harry, we all need in our bananas are such that we calculated collect their paychecks. Ndizi I hope you will help to do this, and learn your life.


  • Small errorsresolved to change certain types of database information for backward compatibility with earlier versions of MySQL.
  • Delete old version dlyaotobrazhenie time administrator for the title – which is no longer used in the WP 3.2
  • Correction of wrong-typed array-keys for the time calculations.
  • Added the ability for the administrator to manually key for client access, avoidance of repetition.
  • A link to the page customized to the administrator via e-mail access directly to key customers.

  • Minor corrections were ndizi $ instead of $ this in class!

  • НесовершеннолетнийИсправление errors, comments not commented out, etc.

  • Add form "time-entry to the background for aUsers without administrator rights. For instance, it allows them to add time to each project, and view / edit all of their past. future releases will be assigned to the user permissions for users to be presented to the user.
  • On request I have a "Client Login" widget! So go ahead and put them in the sidebar!
  • Some minor improvements … JS realizatsiiTimepicker to get in some areas for feedback.If it does not work for you, and shows 'NaN', Update WordPress 3.1 ~ ~ older versions are outdated copy of jQuery UI.

  • Small correction, I mistypo-ed on the link, the user-task fields.
  • Minor adjustment via e-mail error message … Add to the answer to the title, back to the presents. To make your life easier!

  • Minor corrections, missingCalling up vget_tasks () function, so it all warZeige an accident!

  • Minor corrections, missing parameters in GET_TIME () function, so it was all by mistake!

  • Small correction, you are probably not even notice!


  • big changes. Structures added to the table and nested table. Permission has notimplemented, and implemented vlozheniypolovina. The other half soon! I have only the layout and interface structures, to understand how it work.
  • Added "active" column for the clients and projects. Only shows now, but soon have to give you the opportunity given to them by standard filter.
  • Migrated many features on the use of $ arguments parameter takes the value itself.
  • Abstraction. Many, many abstractions.
  • Added interfeysnyevidzhet.

  • A quick fix, test session for registered customers only accidentally ate the contents of another page. Now they will only eat specific site.

  • A quick fix, I accidentally session_start (), with the filter, which generates a warning for some people. Took place before the initialization is all good now.

  • A quick solution, Iversucht that perform two functions, as well budtooni properties. $this->make_tables; ! = this->make_tables();

  • Many shinies, but mainly behind the scenes.
  • Posted in the terms column accounts.
  • The accounts are now being shown on the client side only if they are slightly higher than a"Project" is set.
  • Added some CSS to the client based on the first page format.
  • Internationalization support! I vzyalinitsiativu and put __() and _e() functions burst. Any volunteers to translate it?

  • A quick fix it seems that the plugin does not actually place an account table, where she was admitted for the first time …Now he looks for any initialization when it is a table. If so, ertut nothing. If not, it makes them. I'm going to change in future versions to be something more effective, but should pokaeto stable.

  • Hire the last page of the external files directly into the classroom. When this is done in order to manage a simplification while the plugin is under active development. You can return over time, newdivided.
  • Added option to display admin page or hide the title of the reporting period.
  • Cleaned up the menus and titles.

  • Billing! This is, and it … well … there. More to come after the release! (I promise!)
  • Minor adjustment for front display, putting the "description" in his own line of each entry.
  • Temporarily hides theAdministrative record time header. This is achieved by switching to the next release (but in a narrower window Evil) reusable

  • Added the admin form header (top right) to simplify the time.
  • Added the admin panel for the widget display the current status Ndizi. It will soon be replaced by "Control Panel" page Ndizi.
  • Rent a majority of the pages in the class,Reducing the number of external files.
  • To outline a work permit functions.

  • fixed problem when customers seem to create new problems, a 'name' field, be sent by post, causing the front end of the problem. Fixed.
  • Changed the front pages of the behavior so that it-is the content of a page when a customer is not logged in log and then display fields. Razvoshliin the system, but it does not show the contents of the page.
  • Fixed errant ifcheck that do not allow the client to check whether the user is already logged on the back end.


  • The initial BelastungWordPress.org
  • It was a client-side with all their designs and shapes for them to seek new challenges.
  • A few questions, and SQL data type of the data cleaned up the bonds.

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