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buy storm WordPress 0.4.8 E-Commerce, WordPress Plugin WordPress install storm buy e-commerce download buy storm WordPress e-Commerce, e-commerce, shopping cart

Note: The plugin is still in beta. K rel = 'nofollow'> http://www.orderstorm.com to register.

buy storm WordPress E-commerce – shopping cart on a level that will take place on your Web site WordPress anywherework. Vymozhet sell their products with the flexibility, customization, security and Integrity with cheap storm WordPress plug-in and successful e-commerce online. Use a compatible e-commerce order storm WordPress theme, or integrate with your own topic.

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Note: This plaginvse still in beta.Jump to …

buy storm WordPress e-commerce engine decision also called cloud computing, SaaS means (software as a service). This means that our servers do all the work and all you need is the e-commerce order storm WordPress plugin to use to improve the performance of our enterprise-level shopping access.

buy storm WordPress e-commerce basket of premium, fully-functional product for the seriousWeb merchants. Categories and tovaryne WordPress page or message. They are stored in an external SQL database. buy storm WordPress e-commerce as a time for:

  • Companies that offer more functions than do the free plug-ins
  • Store company, the credit card numbers must
  • Shops with a large number of SKUs
  • Companies that have several workers on the orders of the ROC

wordpress buy storm-commerce shopping cart provides a wide range of embedded funktsiychto allows you to easily manage your product catalog and from day to day sales. Cart features include:

  • Creative merchandising
  • The products are organized into logical categories
  • Unlimited number of features and options
  • Up-sell additional products to complement
  • Importation of products from theTable
  • Batch update prices
  • Automated drop shipping capabilities, including pre-school suppliers
  • Prodavetsupravlenie
  • Links to installation instructions, drawings, manuals and other documents
  • Short and long descriptions
  • Automatic calibration of the thumbnail, medium and large images
  • unlimited number of additional photos of each product
  • Acomprehensive search engine optimization (SEO) with the meta title and description of each category and product
  • Full spectrum of operations ranging from simple credit card processing for complex operations and sdepozitovVerträge
  • Credit cards, checks, money orders, bank transfers, PayPal and Google Checkout
  • PCI Compliant
  • 105-Gateway
  • Send order confirmations and advanced shipping
  • Sales tax collections
  • AutomatisiertFAQ list for each product
  • Easy management of orders, including the order of the notes and lists
  • Mobile Marketing. Office of the basket with your mobile device
  • It is easy privestiotslezhivanie
  • Free shipping for a fee or Delivery
  • Add international shipping
  • Records, including the costs and revenues byDay, month, year
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Find cheap storm. Click Install Now.


  1. They invite plugin. Archives.
  2. Log in WordPress dashboard and clicking on the tab "Plugins" and then "Add".
  3. Click the "Download" button at the top of the page.
  4. Press the "Choose file" inayti storm buy e-commerce plugin. Archive. Click on "Select" button and then click'Install'. WordPress is now downloaded and installed the plugin.
  5. After installing the plug-in is complete, click on "ActivatePlug-in.


How do I get a key?

To start the plugin and the key, you sign up for plans and prices page

How do I configure my settings set?

Configure your shopping cart with your login . You choose your login iparol, if you opt for a subscription. For detailed instructions, see Manual, the initial page:

The guide containsdetailed instructions for the online catalog and ordering system. See kSoderzhanie
rel = 'nofollow'> http://www.orderstorm.com/wordpress-ecommerce/wordpress-shopping-cart-user-manual/ to find the add and manage categories, products and images.

How do I get support?

Send your questions and comments to . premium user of the package namesupport-See plans and price information side, we are on the subscription levels with telephone support.


= 0.4.8 [19/08/2011]
* Moved most of the configuration settings vonPlugin settings on the appropriate side storefront OrderStorm.com Settings
* Changed the URL rewrite queries and generation of logic variables, due to the changes mentioned above
* Up plugin initialization environment by using the optionsfrom the global range in class Gereinigtchtobyvariantov OrderStormECommerceForWordPress
* Required field product category pages and products are now created by default when you activate the plugin, based on the default page of the Storefront OrderStorm.com Sitesettings
* Standardized undZentralisierte generation of URL links and images
* Fixed verification of entry into the class constructor jsonResultSet
* Re-Designed and implemented aefficient and well-behaved categories menu cache
* Other oshibkaispravleny
= [10/08/2011]
* Minor change to the standard color

0.4.7 [09/08/2011]

  • The first issue

Additional Comments


  1. To start with your shopping, you need a category and a page of the product (for SEO purposes).
  2. Set a short code category, aCategory in the left-side navigation bar on the category page that you create. Page ID is generated automatically. Enter your pulidlya category page.
  3. Insert the product page using a short code on the product page in the left navigation bar on the product page that you create. Here too, ID page will be generated automatically. Install the product side, so they do not show, as nothing will be on it. Enter your balls on theProduct page.
  4. You should also Name these pages to what your site SEO friendly.
  5. Key you can see, for example key. To access categories and produktovk basket, sign up for a subscription dersi get a new key and the username and password for the server side of the basket. Note that even the free version requires a subscription key.

Customize the appearance of

  1. Two widget Added vVidzhety page during initial setup. One of the menu categories, and the other for the status-window set. They can to put them everywhere, plus they put in multiple places on your site.
  2. To display the Category menu, go to the outer form, widgets. storm buy e-commerce categories have been added to the list of widgets during installation.
  3. Pull out the categories to theSidebar, where you want it.
  4. To change the appearance of categories and products can be found at kPlagin page. DannZum storm buy e-commerce, click on the "Edit" link.
  5. . CSS files, the appearance of the categories, subcategories and products here. You can individually the colors, fonts, product presentation, product, window sizes, etc.
  6. create backup. CSS files. buy storm she writes.CSS files, if we publish updates, and you must restore your style changes.
  7. To change the settings menu, click Categories navidzhet arrow to open the window.
  8. Maximum depth level menu can be set to 0, all of the menus or any other number, the number of menu levels to limit the fly, before the client has to click on some shows can be set.
  9. The most important overarchingCategory can be installed if you want to display on a subset of the menu to a specific page.
  10. Certain categories may be added to any page or post with this brief:
    [Orderstorm_ecommerce_display_product_category_page cat_link = your 'Category SEO-friendly slug']
  11. Shopping Cart Widget State draws order storm window, which shows how many items currently in your shopping cart and customer overall dollars. Customerscan click the box to check.
  12. Show you the status of the basket can contain a window in any part of the topic. This example shows how to include it in PHP.
 <?php orderstorm_ecommerce_shopping_cart_status('topright'); ?> 

"TopRight" means that you can see, the arguments for the function $ idSuffix verwendetUm one optionUnique ID for the DIV with the Status field. Each instance must be named differently, with the help of this suffix in order to stack or $ ostrm_shopping_cart_status_ offer idSuffix,
To translate such as PHP code, states:

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