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Qody is for all the things for which automated Web-based businesses. All ausbenutzerdefinierte scripts, WordPress plugins, the title track, query, document management, feedback to the organization, accounting, social media, computing, and muchmore.

If this sdelanovruchnuyu, it is likely, can Qodyautomatisiert.

For more information about Qody and his recent successes, advice and news on its head

automated web-based businesses. Everything from the c. ..

http://qody.co the last ball.

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Integrated Automation Qody your site that he, competitive, crazy silly made-for-you rush awesome.

Installing the connector in Qody

  1. Download qodys-connector to /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Activate the plugin via the "Plugins" WordPress
  3. Visit "Qody" menu under the dashboard section in the upper left corner of the WordPress Admin


AlsErstaunlich is this plugin?


Is it free?

Yes, but much more functionality (muchmore, actually) will be available after the beta version if you are a member Qody Velite.



  • This plugin is no longer supported, visit for functionally specialized plug-ins.


  • Quick Fix problems with erroneous data in an array of PHP.


  • The page was neuFeedback for comments / complaints / ideas / praise.


  • Grafas loads from rank with Ajax, so the page does not load as slow as before. Not perfect, but.


  • Big update tracker aufwebsite include some keyword tracking – up to 5


  • The product tool no longer works hourly cron job on food, he, instead of, add gain to keep a shape.


  • Changed text installation wizard, and a schedule ranking website trekerastranitsa


  • Major upgrades to the core. Creates a step-by-step setup wizard to install the new and corrected the problem with the tool configs.
  • Nevertheless, the fight against product piracy style display settings.


  • Another small patch for the presentation of goods


  • Smash pause to burn … many changes


  • Fixed a bug that caused the URL pereadresatsiipereryv


  • Now wants to get a warning if you enter multiple tags with a comma at the entrance to the rank tracker separated


  • Some problems with the display Amazon product widget, it displays the words were not on the key.


  • First, create!

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