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Specifically, the Redirector plugin sends visitors leaving your website to the url
of your choice. While that sounds simple, it’s extremely flexible and powerful,
allowing you to choose custom urls for specific pages, posts, or sets of both.

You can send Googlers who found your cat scratching post article straight to Amazon
to purchase one, or send everyone who leaves your homepage who didn’t click your
product link to the “no, wait!” downsell. The true power of this plugin is how it
can’t be stopped.

Download Qody’s Redirector Plugin


Specifically, the Redirector plugin sends visitors leaving your website to the url
of your ch…

Unlike annoying popups, they are taken straight away to the chosen url – avoid
those pesky “are you sure you want to leave?” confirmation boxes. Not only does
this seem to increase conversion rates, but the plugin as a whole single-handedly
increased mine by 120% across all my various niche sites – and I’m not the only one
to see those kind of results.

For more information about Qody’s plugins and the latest advice/news,
head on over to for the latest scoop.

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Powerful redirection plugin for WordPress to eliminate dependancies on popups.

Installation of Qody’s Redirector

  1. Upload qodys-redirector to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
  3. Visit the “Redirector” menu in the left WordPress admin sidebar menu


How awesome is this plugin?


Is it free?

To download yes, however to have it actually do anything you must hire Alejandro the owl to manage, which can be done at .



  • Fixed the owl image upon O.I.N. entry


  • First build!

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