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SimpleTest is einWerkzeug for WordPress plugin for WordPress developers to create and run automated tests for your plug-ins should be. It includes



SimpleTest for WordPress is a tool for WordPress plugin development …


"Tests" subdirectory contains the real power and sample integration tests, so They look like the tests are written for SimpleTest (This is comparable with PHPUnit, but I think the use of fictitious objects more easily and with native out SimpleTest is HTML, integrated it well with WordPress).

Withsimple. Create this page or post where you want to display the results of tests (you probably want it private site). Then add a brief as follows:

[Simpletest = path "SimpleTest Unit Testing '=' / simpletest-for-wordpress/tests/UnitWpSimpleTest.php 'pass =' y ']

  • Name (optional): optional Name to show how the headline in the test results
  • Path (optional): Path to theTests, relative to the directory plug-in framework written for use with SimpleTest.
  • Passes (optional): 'y' or 'N' – has been tested to show whether, issue (s Standard)

CSS file is included for processing the results of tests. Copy the CSS file into the active theme folder and set your heart desires.

The use of Agile practices on the development of encryption pluginWordpress

For example, shortly before work is. It is written with the unit tests for the plugin I have. I've also included the integration tests. Test coverage is limited, but given the limitations of the testing laboratory itself. The differences between the unit tests is undIntegrationstest that unit testing with mock versions of external dependencies plugin (for WordPress and File System) and Integration tests run against an actual addiction. FormerTell you if the internal logic of the plug-in is correctly, this will tell you whether there are any problems interacting with external dependencies. Do not write dirty hybrid combination of two! Then it is also difficult to say what you really test.

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  • Requires PHP 5.1.2 or higher.
  • Look for more information and examples.
  • To assist in the troubleshooting, please



  • More convenient processing of activation failure
  • Added. pot-translation-file


  • Added the function of activation to ensure that all dependencies are met
  • Do not know if the dependency is not visible


  • The first version

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