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Add an update box in posts.

This box can contain a message, for instance in order to point out that the post have been modified of to stress that the post in no longer up to date

The message can be configured direcly when editing a post. There is a box ‘Update message’ added on the left.


  • French translation (by me)

Features of the framework

This plugin use SL framework.

You may translate this plugin with an embedded feature which is very easy to use by any end-users (without any external tools / knowledge).

Download Update Message Plugin


Add an update box in posts.

This box can contain a message, for instance in order to p…

You may also create a new plugin. You will download, from the plugin, an “hello World” plugin: You just have to fill the blank and follow the comments.

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  1. update-message screenshot 1

    The configuration page of the plugin

  2. update-message screenshot 2

    An example of an update box

  3. update-message screenshot 3

    Configuration of the update box in a post

Installation of Update Message

  1. Upload this folder to your plugin directory (for instance ‘/wp-content/plugins/’)
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
  3. Navigate to the ‘SL plugins’ box
  4. All plugins developed with the SL core will be listed in this box
  5. Enjoy !


  • Where can I read more?





  • Update of the core


  • ZipArchive class has been suppressed and pclzip is used instead


  • Ensure that folders and files permissions are correct for an adequate behavior


  • The update message may be integrated with a shortcode [maj]
  • Enhance translations, feedback and other plugins


  • Update of the framework (3.0)


  • First release in the wild web (enjoy)

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