Update Time Zones Across Network Plugin

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Update Time Zones by network-1.0, wordpress plugin, install the update time zones across the network to load time zone updates over the network, a multi-site, network, WPMU

Immediately update all the settings -> General -> Time Zone settings on your network WordPress.

This plugin was developed specifically for the network that has been around for many years and was fixed on WordPress 2.8 Daylight Saving Time issuewritten created. Nazadto, provided time for your blog based on the UTC, just because the summer people wurdenum compensated for one hour in six months. Then WordPress introduced time zones in the cities and the problem was solved. But we all had our blogs are still the UTC offset to use. To update, rather than individually, the plugin was written to run once and then move on. Directions: Download to your mu-plugins folder,delete it and start again then.

Href = 'http://www.wordpress-plugin.org/wp-content/archive/update-network-time-zones.zip "id =" anchor "target =" _blank "> download updates through a network Time Zones Plug-in


Immediately update all the settings -> General -> Time Zone clean your WordPress options …

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Automatic change time zone for all the blogs in the multi-site network. Not for an installation. WPMU / multisite / Netzwerknur.

Install the update time zones throughout theNetwork

This happens to be to "use once and then remove the" plug-in.
Put all your normal plugins folder or vmyu plug-ins.

  1. Download "update-timezones.php 'To' / wp-content/plugins /" directory
  2. Activate the plugin via the "Plugins" WordPress
  3. Visit / domain_name WP-Admin / Network / settings.php? Page = time zone to run it
  4. Remove it when you're done

OftAsked Questions

How many time zones supported

Now I just wrote to each of the four zones of the continental United States to upgrade. But it legkodobavit more. Just put them into the form, select SieParameter in the same format, the four that already exist.



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