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Uploadify integration is an attempt to facilitate the very common task-loaded with a field in its own record type, the page settings or user profile page.


  • Automatically saves the host meta,custom meta, or short, depending on the number kakoptsii MetaType selected.
  • You can add additional meta-types with uploadify_get_file_meta_handler filter.
  • You can download the HTML files
    Download Plugin Integration Uploadify


    Uploadify integrationan attempt to ease load task ochenObschaya including field …

    uploadify_get_file_view filter.

  • You can use the CSS with uploadify_get_css_url filter.

Target group

Uploadify integration was developed to provide a tool for developers, the form must be included in boats. As the download is only through the code this plugin may be useful to someone without znaniyaPHP.

Important Notices

Please check the Installation and Other Notes tab to see and use vital information to Uploadify integration. You can not have this plugin, do not read these pages.


Please let me know how you want this plugin would be improved, either by posting on the forum or via e-mail:

Author: Mike Allen
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  1. Page Options

  2. / Wp-content/plugins/uploadify-integration /
  3. Activate the plugin through the"Plugins" WordPress
  4. Go to Options / Uploadify side integration site admin and modify plug-in Optionenwie you wish.
  5. Insert [uploadify] shortcode in the content.


Add [uploadify] short boat belonging to the page or e-mail. Korotkiygeneratora see in the settings to change the default settings.


  • input name: The key to use to store metadata. DEFAULT = 'files'
  • MetaType: What is the connection with the downloaded files. Available options post , user , and the option . Default = post
  • upload mode: Allow multiple additions to or replacement of the previous options zagruzki.Dostupnye multiple andsingle . Setting this option multiple Uplodify several conditions permit. Default = single
  • File Size Limit: Restrictionzulässige file size in megabytes.
  • fileTypeExts: restriction allowed file types. By default *.*
  • fileTypeDesc: Used in conjunction with fileTypeExts the user, which are loaded tipyfaylywill tell.
  • ButtonText Text on the download button to appear. Default Upload File

Extracting files

Files in the form of a meta-message is stored, are kept the metadata or meta-listed version with input name with a short series. For example, in short:

 [uploadify inputName='images' fileTypeExts='*.jpg;*.png;*.gif;' fileTypeDesc='ImageFiles' metatype = 'post'] 

To extract information about the files in this way:

 $images = get_post_meta( $post_id, 'images', true ); 

Now the image will contain a number of NachrichtenIdentifikatoren. These messages contain information about uploaded files. There are two functions to get set the path and URL information through the mail-ID.Teyavlyayutsya:




For example, to print the image above:

 while( $file_id = array_shift( $images ) ) { 
$url = Uploadify_Model_Posttype_File::getFileUrl( $file_id );
echo sprintf( '<img src='%s'/>', $url


Indian time.


0.9.3 (18 September 2011)

  • Provided Uploadify multiple upload mode setting, if you have several.
  • Added uploadify_get_file_view filters so that users can be used to override default view to display uploaded files.
  • Now, using the suppliedPlug-spl_autoload_register files.
  • Taksonomicheskuyusvyazanny be removed with a file type metadata. Is not it serves a purpose.
  • Removes short generator for the documentation of the option less service network with future versions.
  • Removed limit on the file size on the description page settings for an external article provides an in-depth examples.

0.9.2 (9 September 2011)

  • Including the savings portion of the load path, so that She can change the download path without disturbing references to earlier zagruzhennyefayly.
  • By default, scripts will now be enclosed on all sides. There is a possibility in the settings page to disable it.
  • Added screenshots.

0.9.1 (2 September 2011)

  • Fixed incorrect routes and addresses. Removed hard references inJavaScript. AwTemplate replaced with the correct version of the class.

0.9 (28 August 2011)

  • Beta.

Additional Comments


By default, the integration Uploadify in the message, the user, or a variant of the meta is stored. CustomHandlers are added to the meta uploadify_get_file_meta_handler filter.

 add_filter( "Uploadify_get_file_meta_handler ',' my_custom_meta_handler ', 10, 3); 
My_custom_meta_handler function ($ handler, $ meta_name) {
($ meta_name = 'MY_CUSTOM_META_TYPE') if return $ handler;

$ Handler = new MyCustomMetaHandler ();
return $ handler;

Where MyCustomMetaHandler shouldexpand Uploadify_Model_FileMeta_Abstract . Review existing metadata handlers /uploadify-integration/models/FileMeta/ to determine how to define your class.

The downloaded file is HTML

Uploadify integration provides uploadify_get_file_view filter override the default HTML file used wirddlyagenerirovat for downloaded files. Overview/uploadify-integration/views/scripts/partials/file_single_line.php to see an example of what you think might look to see the file.

 add_filter( 'uploadify_get_file_view', 'my_custom_file_view' ); 
function my_custom_file_view( $path, $fileid ) {
// you can use
to determine information about the file, which template you want to invite
/ / Ie: images could have thumbnails, etc
$ Path = get_bloginfo("Template_directory ') / My_custom_file_view.php'.;
return $ path;


To change the default to use CSS to override uploadify_get_css_url filter.

 add_filter( "Get_uploadify_css_url ',' my_custom_uploadify_css_url '); 
My_custom_uploadify_css_url function () {

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