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gathers your users’ opinions by enabling them to ask and answer questions about your content. Letting your audience actively contribute by generating content with questions results in spending more time on site and sharing your content with their friends.

Powered by the people

By letting everyone ask questions, you’ll discover answers to questions you never thought to ask.

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Urtak gathers your users’ opinions by…

Structured engagement

Presented as a series of simple Yes/No questions, Urtak provides instant data and organizes opinions into a useful resource.

Easy moderation

Filter spam and bad questions out automatically with community moderation, or approve them manually without leaving the WP dashboard.

Ask the right questions

Our algorithm prioritizes questions so that the most cared about ones are presented first.

Instant Results

View immediate results to any question without leaving your WordPress dashboard.

Back-end Analytics

All the information generated is structured and easy to parse at Urtak.com. Link directly to your Urtak dashboard to view your comprehensive data.

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Installation of Urtak

After installing the plugin from the WordPress Plugin Directory, proceed to activate the plugin. Just enter your email address, if you’re a new user, we’ll sign you up automatically and generate an API key for you. If you already have an account we’ll help you retrieve your key. Hit ‘Let’s Get Started’ and you’re ready to go.


Settings can be modified at any time at the Urtak Configuration page, just click ‘Toggle Advanced Options’ to see them. By default, an Urtak will be created whenever a user visits your page. It’s loaded in the background and won’t slow your page down. If you prefer, you can opt out, and an Urtak will only be created when you kick off the conversation by asking a question in the Post interface. The Urtak widget appears underneath your content, but you can opt to place it on your page manually. Questions will be automatically approved by community moderation, which prevents manual moderation of each user-submitted question. If you deselect this option, an e-mail will be sent each time a question is submitted and you must approve or reject it manually.

Using the Plugin

When you create a new post, a new Urtak is automatically generated that can be moderated at anytime within the Post interface. It is simple to get started. Simply enter a few questions into the question box and you’re ready to go. The more questions your audience answers, the better insight you get and you can keep them answering by making each question simple, but entertaining. Return to the Edit Post interface at anytime to moderate questions by approving, rejecting or marking them as spam. To view results, either visit the widget on your published page or your dashboard on Urtak.com where all of your data is stored and organized.

For more information on settings and features, .


What is an Urtak?

An Urtak is made up of a series of Yes/No questions. The questions can be asked by its creator and by all its participants.

Can I ask open-ended questions?

The only three possible responses are Yes/No/Don’t Care so writing questions that can be answered by these options will provide the best results. Open ended questions will not make sense in terms of how people are able to respond.

Can my audience ask questions?

Yes!! The essence of Urtak is that it lets everyone ask questions. Registered Urtak users can easily submit questions through the widget on your site. Questions will not be active until they have been approved automatically by community moderation or manually by you.

What is community moderation?

We want Urtak to be as simple as possible for you. The community moderation setting auto-approves user-submitted questions and lets the community determine whether or not a question gets removed through the “Don’t Care” option. The less the community cares about a question, the less frequently the question is shown until it disappears entirely. This feature helps you ask the right questions and you always maintain the ability to reject or mark questions as spam. Opting out of community moderation will require manual question approval and means you’ll receive emails for each question.

Is there a minimum/maximum number of questions?

No, it’s up to you to control the number of questions.

Where can I see the answers?

Answers can be viewed on the widget after answering questions or at urtak.com.

What analytics do you provide?

Instant results are available for every response that flows into the Urtak database. The percentage and number of Yes/No responses are provided for each question, as well as the percentage of people who care about the question. On Urtak.com, questions can be sorted by newest, oldest, # of responses, most cared about, least cared about, most agreed on, and most divided. In addition, cross-tabulation is a wonderful feature that allows you to compare how users answered one question directly to how they answered another. For example, you could discover that 80% of New Yorkers have never been to Hawaii or 15% of vegetarians love the smell of bacon.

Can I modify the widget’s look?

Currently, the plugin template matches the WordPress default theme and cannot be modified.

Do I have to ask a question?

We always recommend to insert at least one question of your own to get a conversation rolling and direct people to the Urtak. The more questions your audience answers, the better insight you get and you can keep them answering questions by making each one simple, but entertaining.

What does Urtak mean?

‘statistical sample’ in Icelandic



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