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Wiki 1.0.6, WordPress plug-in installed on the project pages, download pages of the project,

WordPress Wiki Lite turns your WordPress blog into a fully functional wiki or wiki page to add to your WordPress blog.

You can create the wiki for the Einsatzzu Lite …

  • WordPress-based site wiki
  • Some pages in the wiki wordpress multi-site installation – so that eachUsers of your site may have their own wiki.

Wiki Pro

Wiki is облегченнойполнофункциональные, but limited version vonunsere

transform your website into a fully functional WordPress wiki wiki, or add …

This lite version supports the creation and redaktirovanieViki users to edit dieBeiträge to your blog. Users can view the wiki from the frontend
And administrator dashboard.

Our Full version contains many additional features:

  • Everyone is allowed to the wiki interface
  • Let someone from the network for editing wikis
  • Allow site users, the wiki

version now "

Esfunktioniert like … Well, it isreally simple.

Follow the instructions for installing and configuring

Then you can use a wiki administrator on dashboard. Were created after the first of users with wiki editing, a message can erstellenSub Wiki of the external interface.

We gathered in-depth guide, which features the use ofTo help standard categories of WordPress, the message / content are trademark or registered as a free user available only to users, and then go into some advanced features that you can protect the individual contributions of the various sections of the content of messages.


  1. "WordPress Wiki page

  2. \wp-content/plugins/wordpress-wiki-plugin/wiki.php

To activate it in a blog, a blog-based

  1. Log in to create your blog dashboard, Siemöchte a wiki.
  2. For Plugins> Installed
  3. Click on a wiki system to enable easy

Be the first wiki

  1. Go to "wiki" -> "Add-Wiki"
  2. Addwiki the details and keep

Creating a Sub-Wiki

  1. Main Wiki, created earlier (interface)
  2. Click on "Create new tab
  3. Add in the south and keep the details of this wiki

Additional instructions for installing

Further instructions undWiki screenshots for setting up the plugins can be found at

Need help start?

We offer comprehensive and guaranteed support for and


How easy is it to configure?

We have adetailed step by step guide to setting up and poluchitustanovki plugin .

Get Support

We offer comprehensive support and guaranteed by and only.



  • Remove Update Notifier
  • Vidzhetfiksirovat


  • Fixed: Page formatting in wiki Blogsmu
  • Fixed: Compare to contribute to the wiki error
  • Fixed: wiki to create a problem if it is constantly reference not set


  • New WPIDS


  • Prior to version updates for working withPlug-ins


  • Fix: Wiki -> Wiki WordPress Plugin


  • Pervonachalnyyreliz.

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