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If you are the developer of WordPress, or a boss who tries to shorten the development time is
This plug-infu you.
The plugin allows you WordPress plug packed quite a kick start to create in 2 minutes.
The New plug-in is organized in accordance with the rules of MVC, and already include or sleduyuschiespiska

  • The new user record type with the taxonomy, METABOX, the processing of a list
  • Options page with an original style WordPress
  • JQuery Library
  • phpQuery Library
  • id = 'anchor' target = '_blank'> Download Plugin WordPress Plugin kickstarter


    If you're a developer or head of WordPress, the attempts to shorten the development time,
    this plugin …

  • Standardized readme.txt

If you do not like the way files are organized, you can Ihreeigenen style
Creating a simple XML file.

Please notethat my recommendation, it is only installed on the local machine, while
I prepared a secure and stable versions.

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  1. General view of the plug-in WordPress kickstarter

  2. \Downloadwordpress-plugin-kickstarter folder /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  3. Activate the plugin via the "Plugins" WordPress
  4. Find in the Tools menu, kick starter Administrator

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Kick-start your new WordPressPlagin



  • The first version

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