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Sometimes you just want to draw attention to features of an important message, call or quotations, or collection of links to
bright yellow box, or similar, in his blog. And you can do this a lot in your blog post.

This plug-in maintains aStilizovannyhDIV fragment library, and makes them easily accessible to your web page after editing by Drückenauf your HTML mode toolbar.

When are after activating the plug-in by default, you will find these buttons to expansive in the toolbar, you can:
1st rename it to Settings / Options page for this plugin to name a few
2nd Simply turn off all of them, you do not need.

Download WP Plugin Warning Boxes


Sometimes you just want to call, pay special attention to an important message, or quotations or …

(A future version actually requests a single button, and aPrompt that asks you which of the DIV you want to insert – api WP are likely to have improved, it is easy chtobysdelat, brings but F / T job myself away from her)

See my for more information.

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  1. \WordPress

  2. Activate the plugin via the "Plugins" WordPress.
  3. After activation, you will plug in options by clicking on the link "Watch Div box" in "Settings" menu.
  4. There are four standard-DIV is already there, which can be your goal, but of course they change them as needed.


I realizeI chtokogda aufSymbolleiste click to view HTML DIV office, built-in HTML including CSS insert. Is not it not as a standard way to code HTML and CSS to recommend?

I do not see an easy way with the current API WP dynamically change the CSS file when you update a user-defined DIV in.
At the moment this is the best solution.

Is there a plug-in changes in the content database WordPress?

Yesit adds a record chtobywp_options table that stores all user DIV.

= I observe, class = "custom_attn_box" created for each fragment

This is the normal way, which makes all the DIV in the middle, and with a decent interior space and make it all the text on the edge of the center. Feel free to adapt them if you want all your attention to DIV box is different. Just change the styles.css, which inCSS removes the plug.


0.1 original to this plugin
1.0.1 – Fixed a bug .. other quotations are created in the piece and the Council for this plug-in FAQ

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