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This plugin allows you to maintain control over the execution of cron jobs. This is particularly important for sites that either do not get enough, WP-cron to provide feedback, the execution or locations at which to run a cron to race with conventional methodsConditions that WP-cron in several performance classes can lead to zhevremya.

This plugin implements a secret parameters and ensures that cron jobs are executed only if this option is available.

Download the WP-Cron plugin management


This plugin allows you to seize control of the execution of cron jobs. This is mainly useful for …

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  1. \WordPress.org

  2. Activate the plugin and make sure to turn the screen in the plugin settings
  3. Follow the instructions on the screen plug-in settings Ordnungum a cron job that calls a php wp-cron-control.php secret_string or wget -q "Http: / / blog.address /WP-cron.php doing_wp_cron & secret_string "
  4. If you want to become a global string secret that it is in the WP-config.php have defined by define( 'WP_CRON_CONTROL_SECRET', my_secret_string' );


Version 0.1

  • The original version of the plugin.

Additional Comments


This plugin will remove_action( 'sanitize_comment_cookies', 'wp_cron' ) call to disable the spawning of new processes via cron regular method of WordPress. If wp_cron are connected to other activities, or is directly caused by it can cause problems.

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