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About the Plugin

WP-Foliolio is a plugin designed for WordPress 3.2.x that enables a Web Developer/Designer to create a WordPress Portfolio for their work in a very easy way that doesn’t rely on outdated methods such as custom fields and proprietary editors. The contains a full list of features.

Example Portfolio

I use this plugin to power my own portfolio. The best way to see how this plugin works on the front end of a WordPress installation is to visit

Download WP Folio Plugin


About the Plugin

WP-Foliolio is a plugin designed for WordPress 3.2.x that enables a…

my Portfolio. You can see how the administration section works by looking at the provided screenshots.

Extraordinarily Simple Management

Using the latest technologies offered by the newest version of WordPress, you can add a Project as you would normally add a Post or Page. The Project Edit Page is especially easy to use, as you give the Project a title as you would a standard WordPress Post along with some content to describe the work undertaken.

What is unique about this plugin is that included in the editor is a series of fields to collect information regarding that project. Currently the plugin collects the URL of the site, the Client Name and the Date the project was completed.

Featured Image

The plugin uses WordPress’ featured image system to display a chosen screenshot for the project.

Filter by Platform

Using the powerful new taxonomy features of WordPress 3, I have added the ability to group projects by the platform used to develop them. For instance you could define that a project was completed using PHP, WordPress & jQuery, another using .NET & Moo Tools and finally a site using PHP, Zend Framework & Scriptaculous.

The plugin includes a tag-cloud widget to display your Project Tags (Platforms) in your themes sidebar.

Speed Up Your Portfolio Management

Remember, this is all available by simply providing the Name of a Website you have worked on,an image and the URL at which it is available. Depending on the size of your project description you can add a completely new project in under 30 seconds.

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  1. wp-foliolio screenshot 1

    How the Projects Plugin appears in the wordpress admin, very familiar.

  2. wp-foliolio screenshot 2

    Example of two listed websites within the Portfolio plugin.

  3. wp-foliolio screenshot 3

    How the WP-Foliolio plugin, extends the existing WordPress Editor.

  4. wp-foliolio screenshot 4

    Platform choosing capabilities, works just like standard categories.

Installation of WP Folio


  1. Unzip the plugin archive
  2. Upload the entire folder wp-foliolio to your plugins folder (/wp-content/plugins/)
  3. Ensure your wordpress uploads directory exists and is writable (/wp-content/uploads/)
  4. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
  5. A new Projects Admin Menu should appear below Comments
  6. Go to Projects -> Options to configure your preferences
  7. Place copies of the php files from the /wp-content/plugins/wp-foliolio/views/ folder into your theme folder /wp-content/themes/your_theme_name/ folder.
  8. Create a new, blank, page selecting the “Projects” page template.
  9. (If using a custom menu) Add a link to this page to your menu.


  • Only PHP 5+ is supported, although PHP 4 may work.
  • PHP Safe Mode is not supported, you may be able to hack it to work though
  • WordPress 3.x + only


I’m getting 404 errors for my project links

Should this occur, the easiest solution to this is to visit the permalinks section of your WordPress admin. This will flush your permalinks settings and should make the site realise the Portfolio plugin is installed.

The plugin isn’t working for me, please help

I will do my best to answer any comments that are left in the official channels (see support section), but I cannot offer any kind of guaranteed support.

The Feature I want isn’t available

This is version 0.1 software. Visit the plugin homepage and leave a comment if you have a feature request, I’m not a plugin developer generally but I will do my best to assist.



  • No Changes as is brand new

Other Notes


Please contact me through [my website] ()

Official Homepage

The official homepage of this plugin is here:

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