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WP MySQL Console (WPMC) is a Web-MySQL shell. PMC aims, a web-shell has the same functionality of the real thing and mehrfeautures MySQL shell. Integration of PMCs to any Web-based applications such as WP is easy and requires no firewall for theAccess to the building. Its absolutely HTTPosnove.

PMC consists of a 2-role, JavaScript and PHP shell. JavascriptMySQL command console provides the user is prompted their teams with some useful features such as * nix, how to choose the form and in the history of the commands can be entered using the arrow keys. Then the other important part of the team working on the PHP the server side. This is a PHP script runs on PHP andMySQL Server supports a team from the console script interperets JavaScriptcherez XMLHttp query and print results in JavaScript in the console again XMLHttp.

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WP MySQL Console (WPMC) is a Web-MySQL shell. PMC will be a web shell Sam …


* Let require naserver account.
* ItThere is no no changes in the firewall for the possible cause for the weakness of the security.
* It is platform independent.
* There may have on all operating systems and browsers, run the JavaScript support.
* It makes sense, safety and operations on large database data.


* Support for all possible requests for proposals SQL.
* The team interaction withthe server. Thanks to AJAX.
* Automatic selection © a function similar to the behavior of the * NIX terminal window.
* Detailed help for command (type help command)
* Command history. Remembers previously typed commands (use the up / down arrow keys).
* Full customizable user interface with support for CSS.
* In order to enter commands into a text file.


You can read more at Href = 'http://www.tankado.com/projects/phpMySQLConsole/index.php'> phpMySQLConsole write, no question, a comment.

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Authors: Özgür Koca, tankado@tankado.com
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  • The first release of the MySQL console WP

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