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WP Online Store is a complete plugin for WordPress E-commerce with the legendary online shop online shop system. It funktioniertfast eachtemu.internet Shop Trolley power millions of web sites around the world.
This is one of the most popular e-business solutions on the Internet, and has more features than we could ever list here. It also has an easy-to-use operating panel, created to direct is a breeze. After you had your site in WordPress a complete online store has never been easier to add than just one-way, 2-Auto, 3-store to one side.

Download WP Shop (online store) plugin


WP Online Store is a complete plugin for WordPress E-commerce with the legendary osComm …

NOTE: Configure your business is even easier with the upcoming release of"Master" of our configuration is the step by step to the process of creating your shop (adding products, shipping methods, payment methods and more) to simplify. Create a "Master" also says that Sieverpasst.


WP Internet Store features:

(Uses online store V.2.3.1)

  • Vsefunktsii enabled by default for a complete ready-to-use solution.
  • Unlimited products and categories available
  • Sell physical (shipable) and virtual (downloadable) products
  • Register and login customer system test e-mail profile to history.
  • Temporary shopping cart for guests and permanent shopping cart for customers
  • A simple control panel, you can easily add, edit and delete products, pictures, categories, special offers and much more more.
  • Embedded HTML newsletter system with a mass e-mail software (e-mail the entire list of customers from your admin panel)
  • Testimonials (edited)
  • Easily add product options (size,Color, custom, etc.)
  • Several computer shipping (Fed Ex, UPS, USPS, etc.), as well as the ability to add additional global shipping companies.
  • Automatic calculation of VAT. If you pay sales tax on the product, the system checks the credit card and automatically loads klientovadres appropriate sales tax, if necessary.
  • Tracking inventory and complete information about the warning order (the website you when yourInventory is low, and can even show the "available" message when Sieended).
  • Full in site search engine, visitors can products by name, keyword, price, etc. Search
  • Customized packaging and receipts, invoices can be printed directly from the control panel of administrators.
  • simple system to sell products or special predlozheniyahs calendar to set the start and end date.
  • Several languages.
  • International currencies.
  • Tracking orders and answering machine
  • "Send to a friend" feature
  • test credit card
  • SSL-compatible look for additional security
  • Full inventory control
  • Privacy and Terms of patterns (just copy and paste their data and on the website)
  • Percentage of plants undLiefer and freightrazgruzochnyhPoshliny
  • Advanced Administration Tools
  • Completely multilingual with English, German, Spanish, and is made available by default
  • Statistics for products and customers
  • multicurrency support of international activities
  • Automatic updating of exchange rates
  • All orders in the database for fast and efficient searching stored
  • Customers can exchange theirOrders & delivery
  • Client Adressbuchdlyaneskolko shipping and billing address
  • Secure transactions with SSL
  • The number of available products in each category can be displayed or hidden
  • Global and per category bestseller lists
  • Can Disply what other customers have ordered "People who have ordered … such as Amazon.com)
  • Accept numerous reports Payment Processing(Checks, money orders, COD, stand-alone credit card processing)
  • Weight, price and delivery on the basis naznacheniyamoduli
  • Quotations Real-time from several companies available ashipping
  • Flexible implementation of tax reform on state and federal level to
  • Set different tax rates for different products

For more information, see unterrel = 'nofollow'>http://www.WPonlinestore.com

WP Online Store you need:
PHP 5 +
MySQL 5 +

WordPress 3.1, 3 and 4 simultaneously with PHP / MySQL 4 to work, but we We recommend version 5 for

Best Hosting condition can be:
PHP version 5.2.4 or higher
MySQL version 5.0.15 and higher
WordPress 3.2 or higher

Authors: Garfield Griffiths, Isnain Siddique
Tags: , rel = "tag"> e-commerce , , rel = "tag"> shopping cartrel = 'tag'> WordPress e-Commerce, ,


Please visit the for screenshots and Product demo.

InstallingWP Shop (online store)

1: the easy way.
Sign up to get in your district administrator WordPress, plugins, click Add, and then search for "WP Online Store." After finding us click "Install Now" to complete, click OK in the pop-up menu and you're done.

2: Install directly from the archive.
Download WPInternet Archive Shop on your computer (rel = 'nofollow'>http://www.wponlinestore.com/download).
Now to log into your WordPress District Administrator, select Plug-ins, click Add, click on "Download" on the top list of options.
Make use of the "view", the downloaded zip file WP Internet is stored on your computer, download it and then click "Install Now".
After the plug-in installed, click on "Activate" and you'refinished.

NOTE: Some web hosting servers have specific download files outside of its 2MB possible, you may receive an error message, depending otserver hosting company settings. You can limit the load (if you know what you are doing) or simply unzip the folder and FTP, as described below.

3: manually install the plugin via FTP or the like:
Download WP-shop plugin zip file to yourComputer ( ).
Unzip the file.
Then, using any FTP program you all to download folder (WP_online_store) to the / wp-content/plugins / folder on your site.
Log on to click in your district administrator WordPress Plugins to go to the installed plugins.
Scroll down to find until the WP online store and activate it.

Finally: Show your online shop shop into your website.

Two very simple methods:
1st Create a new page and paste the following short code. [WP_online_store ]…. everything is ready.
2nd Create a new page and the page icon in the editor (WYSIWYG), you will see a new button Icon for the trash … just click on …… They have done.


Please visitthe for Frequently Asked Questions

Additional Comments

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Please visit (and actor) WP Internet Forum Store (rel = 'nofollow'> http://www.wponlinestore.com/mingle).

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