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WP Shorties ires: 2.5 or higher

Compatible up to: 3.4

Last Updated: 2012-6-23

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Professional url shortener for affiliate link cloaking and click tracking

Tiny URLs count
WPShorties makes the tiny URLs you always wanted to push affiliate offers. Get shortened URls in no time. Short and wellmasked URLs sell better and convert better.

Cloaked URLs sell
WPShorties makes URL cloaking easier than ever. URL cloaking equals link cloaking equals redirecting clicks, so all this translates directly into likely higher click-through rates and enhanced split testing of multiple affiliate offers simultaneously.

Download WP Shorties Plugin


Professional url shortener for affiliate link cloaking and click tracking

Tiny UR…

Redirect clicks professionally
WPShorties allows you to send clickers to selected destinations without them even knowing where they are really going to land. Use it to find out quickly which of your landing pages convert best.

Multi directional distribution
WPShorties lets you select the probability with which a visitor is redirected to a certain page. That means your short and cloaked URLs can redirect each click to a different destination.

Open multiple URLs with a single click
With WPShorties you can force visitors open multiple pages with a single click, i.e. your facebook page, your twitter page, your youtube channel and your subscription page all at the same time and with one single click. Think about what this can do for your affiliate link cloaking.

Click tracking program
WPShorties tracks the clicks. See at a single glance what’s getting the most clicks: the gross numbers and a detailed log giving ip addresses of clickers, their referral url, date and time of their clicks and the redirection address. Click tracking is something all affiliate marketers really should be doing.

More about short & tiny URLs
To see link cloaking in action and learn strategies how to use it best today.

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Installation of WP Shorties

  1. Upload the plugin folder to your blog’s plugin directory. Usually, public_html/wp-content/plugins/

  2. Login to your wp-admin dashboard & proceed to your plugins management page. Activate the WP Shorties plugin

  3. Visit the WP Shorties page under “SoftWarp” menu

Congrats, you’re done!



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  • Detect WPMU & WP multi site.


  • Fix the design to be compatible with WordPress 3.3
  • Fix log display result


  • Fix content issue


  • Add Usage Help


  • Multiple window open issue fixed


  • Multiple Long URL function added
  • Generate random grab of Long URL from Short URL link
  • Softwarp logo changes
  • Open in tab function added


  • Update readme file
  • Update logo


  • Fix redirection bug


  • Documentation page added and workflow update.


  • Email confirmation page added.


  • Initial release

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