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This plugin was created to give WordPress users a simple way of creating heatmaps for their website without any cost and without using third-party services. All of the click-track data is stored locally and the heatmap is also calculated on your own server. I tried to make the interface as simple as possible and anyone should be able to use this plugin without much trouble.

Please note that this is currently an Alpha release of this plugin and please report any bugs to

Download WP Super Heatmap Plugin


This plugin was created to give WordPress users a simple way of creating heatmaps for their we…

our GitHub repository.

You can also visit this plugins and to also get more detailed information about the plugin. If you have ideas to improve the plugin please leave your comments on that page.

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  1. wp-super-heatmap screenshot 1

    The Administration panel for WP Super Heatmap.

  2. wp-super-heatmap screenshot 2

    This is the second screen shot

Installation of WP Super Heatmap

  1. Upload the ‘wp_super_heatmap‘ folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
  3. Click on the ‘WP Super Heatmap‘ Menu under the ‘Settings’ tab in your WordPress administration area.
  4. Enable click tracking by switching ‘Turn Click Tracking On/Off‘ to ON.
  5. Wait anywhere from 1-7 days to track clicks.
  6. Enable the heatmap display buy turning ‘Turn Heatmap Display Button On/Off‘ to ON.
  7. While logged in as an administrator you will see a ‘Display Heatmap‘ tab in the front-end. Simply click this and your heatmap will be calculated. Please note that if you have a large number of clicks this process may take a few minutes.


How long does it take to process each pages heatmap?

Once you click on display heatmap the processing time varies depending on how many clicks you have had on your site. For a few hundred clicks the processing will take a few seconds. or a few thousand clicks it could take a few minutes. As with most heatmap tools you don’t want to run your heatmap for more then about a week to get good results.

Can I change my websites HTML/Layout while I am tracking clicks?

Since WP Super Heatmap actually uses the structure of your Website to track clicks it is highly not recommended to modify your HTML/Layout while tracking clicks. If you would like to change the structure or layout of your site you should clear the database and start a new heatmap.



  • Aplha release. Initial version of the plugin.


  • Fixed bug regarding nested link following.

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