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With this plugin, in order to integrate the Zend Framework library in WordPress, which makes it accessible to the subject and
other plugins. It does not ZendX additional libraries.

This plugin emulates ZendRamochnaya boot file, without any application environment (since WordPress does)
and includes a configuration settings to connect to the database.

Zend Framework open-source, object-oriented web application implemented in PHP 5 and licensed under
New BSD License. It is a popular design pattern application with the name of the Model-View-Controller (MVC). In this case
Word Press is "kind" instead of ZendFrameworkprilozheniya.

Zend Download WP Plugin Library


With this plugin, to integrate the Zend Framework libraries in WordPress, which makes it available …

This plugin will probably work with WordPress versions prior to 3.2, but if you work in theprevious
Version check your version PHP. Zend PHP 5.2.4 or higher Frameworkbenötigt.

Note: This is the first version of the plugin, and he had extensive tests. Remember that this is experimental and use in
Your own risk.

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WP install Zend library

Requires PHP 5.2.4 or higher.

This plugin benötigtmanuelle configuration. Do not use plug-in installation.

  1. Download plugin and unzip the files.
  2. Download the Zend Framework, a minimum of and
  3. Copy the contents of the library / Zend Zend Framework, a library / Zend folder plug-in.
  4. Edit the plugin configuration file, then load the plugin in the plugins folder.
  5. Activate the plugin in the Plugins menu in WordPress.


Where ichDokumentation find for the Zend Framework?

Online Guide

Does this plug-in library includes ZendX?

No, but if you are looking for JQuery and / or JQuery UI, these are both supported natively by WordPress
and many examples are offered by a large community of users available.



  • This is the first option.Consider this a beta, because he had no bolshogotestirovaniya.

Additional Comments

You can Zend Framework, as in other themes and plugins.
Here are a few examples of the use in the context of the topic.

A Simple Example 1 – Request to:

if(defined('WP_ZEND_LIBRARY')) {

// display Zend version number

echo Zend_Version: GetLatest ();

if (defined ('WP_ZEND_LIBRARY_DB')) {

/ / List of WordPress user name
$ Result = $ db-> query ("SELECT * FROM wp_users');
while ($ row = $ results> fetch ()) {
"<p>" Echo $ row ['user_login'].'</ p>'.



Simple example 2 – Numbering:

if (defined ('WP_ZEND_LIBRARY')) {

/ / Create an array with numbers 1 to 100
$ Data = range (1, 100);

/ / Get a paginator object using Zend_Paginator's built-in factory.
$ Clicker = Zend_Paginator:: factory ($ data);

/ / Select the second page
$ Clicker-> setCurrentPageNumber (2);

echo "<ul> ';

/ / Render each element of the current page in the list of items
Foreach ($ clicker as $ item) {
echo '<li>. $ Point. </ Li> ';

</ UL> 'echo;


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