Does this plugin work with the addon that comes with Vanilla?

Not sure. I have not tested this with the embed addon.

Can I disable the other login methods in Vanilla?

Yes, you can set Vanilla to only use SSO plugins and disable all other methods. However, you cannot remove the login button
which pop’s up the SSO WordPress login link as well as HTML that will NOT work if a user types there username and password.
They MUST use the jsConnect login URL.

Will my users be auto logged into Vanilla forums?

Yes and no, If someone logs on from the forums they will be redirected and logged in automatically. If they are already logged in to WordPress you will need to send them thru the special jsConnect URL, otherwise they will not be logged in just by hitting the landing page of Vanilla.

Will Vanilla share my theme settings files?

No, This plugin is similar to Facebook Connect. It only authenticates WordPress users in Vanilla. That’s it.

Who is developing jsConnect and how do I request features?

jsConnect is maintained by a Vanilla co-founder by the name of Todd and in now favored over the older ProxyConnect addon.



Released beta

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