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Apr 14

Hierarchical Documentation Plugin

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Hierarchical Documentation allows admins to create public pages of documentation and organize them hierarchically using a tree listing the pages where each page can be dragged to its desired position. It supports syntax highlighting for blocks of code and .

For an example of Hierarchical Documentation in action, see .

Please note that the default behavior is to display the documentation page that has an ID of 1 as the site’s homepage. This can be changed by editing the first line of

Download Hierarchical Documentation Plugin


Hierarchical Documentation allows admins to create public pages of documentation and organize...

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Feb 14

Codex Generator Plugin

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To create a page function reference to the code includes information about the search function and deal with complex markup wiki.

This plug-inautomatisiert a large part of the process, reading the documentation of functions and the conversion to wiki markup built-in:

  • shortand long descriptions of the functions
  • uux parameter default values
  • WordPress version of this function was added
  • The source file containing the function

You can browse, search, sort and filter the most of this information in the interface plug-in.

Charge theCode Generator Plugin


Create a page in a function reference Kodeksevklyuchaet to search for information about the function …

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