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Mar 14

WP Liveticker Plugin

WP Live Ticker 0.2, wordpress plugin WP Live Ticker to load WP Live Ticker, live ticker, news ticker

Ajaxified live ticker that can be placed in arcticle. With custom message types, custom taxonomies and short [ticker].

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Licensed CC-BY-SA 3.0

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Ajaxified live ticker that can be placed in arcticle. Use Custom Custom message types, Tucson …

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Mar 14

WP-feedTicker Plugin

WP-feed ticker 1.0, WordPress plugin, the WP-feed ticker, ticker download WP-feed, feed ticker, tent, spinning, stock ticker, webticker

WP-feed ticker is a plugin that provides the functionality to use short webTicker JQuery.

JQuery is webTicker JQuery plugin that creates ticker effect, if the post slide from side to side in a specific order
as soon as the last element beyond theVisible, they are back in the queue so that it appears when the list ends. The ticker can be used
Zuzeigen users get the latest posts in your blog / website, without much space widgets on the side walls.

Download WP-Plugin feed ticker


WP feed ticker that provides a plug-indieFunctionality to use short JQuerywebTicker ….

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