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Jun 14

Format Media Titles Plugin

Format Media Titles 0.1, wordpress plugin, install Format Media Titles, download Format Media Titles, automatic, characters, Format, library, media, remove, replace, title, upload

It can be pretty tedious to have to manually edit the title for newly uploaded media items. This Plugin automates things by removing and replacing characters such as hyphens, and underscores, with spaces. The title can then be capitalized by a method of your choice:

  • First letter of each word capitalized.
  • First letter of first word capitalized only.
  • All letters made uppercase.
  • All letter made lower case.
  • No capitalization. Title remains unchanged.
  • Download Format Media Titles Plugin


    It can be pretty tedious to have to manually edit the title for newly uploaded media items. Th…

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May 14

Upload To FTP Plugin

Upload To FTP 0.0.1, wordpress plugin, install Upload To FTP, download Upload To FTP, Attachment, ftp, upload

The plug-in is currently under development

Author: Richer Yang
Tags: , ,

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Apr 14

Uploadify Integration Plugin

Uploadify Integration 0.9.3, WordPress plugin integration Uploadify to load Uploadify integration, boot files, flash downloader, short, load, loader, Uploadify, Downloads

Uploadify integration is an attempt to facilitate the very common task-loaded with a field in its own record type, the page settings or user profile page.


  • Automatically saves the host meta,custom meta, or short, depending on the number kakoptsii MetaType selected.
  • You can add additional meta-types with uploadify_get_file_meta_handler filter.
  • You can download the HTML files
    Download Plugin Integration Uploadify


    Uploadify integrationan attempt to ease load task ochenObschaya including field …

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Jan 14

SwfObject Reloaded Plugin

SwfObject Reloaded 1.5, wordpress plugin, install SwfObject Reloaded, download SwfObject Reloaded, animation, embed, flash, flex, insert, javascript, media, media button, shortcode, swf, upload

This plugin allows easy embedding of swf files and better media management for swf files, allowing swf files to have a
height, width, and their own minimum flash version. This plugin adds a swfobject shortcode that can be inserted via
the “Add media” button while editing a post. SWF files are now also automatically embedded on their respective
attachment pages.

Download SwfObject Reloaded Plugin


This plugin allows easy embedding of swf files and better media management for swf files, allo…

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Jan 14

BackWPup Free – WordPress Backup Plugin Plugin

BackWPup Free – WordPress Backup Plugin ires: 3.4 or higher

Compatible up to: 3.8

Last Updated: 2013-12-23

Downloads: 1,042,880, wordpress plugin, install BackWPup Free – WordPress Backup Plugin, download BackWPup Free – WordPress Backup Plugin, amazon, Amazon S3, back up, backup, chinese, cloud, Cloud Files, database, db backup, dropbox, dump, file, french, ftp, ftps, german, migrate, multisite, Russian, s3, schedule, sftp, storage, time, upload, xml

The backup plugin can be used to save your complete installation including /wp-content/ and push them to an external Backup Service, like Dropbox, S3, FTP and many more, see list below. With a single backup .zip file you are able to easily restore an installation. Please understand: this free version will not be supported as good as the

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Jun 12

Upload Media By Zip Plugin

Download Media By Zip 0.9, WordPress plugin Download Download Add-media By Zip By Zip media, media library, download, e-mail

Download the ZIP package and WP can unpack it and wear whatever page / post (or not).

The new plug-in. Please report errors trepmal (at) gmail (dot) com. Thank you!

Author: style = 'height: 24px; width: 24px "/>

href = 'http://profiles.wordpress.org/users/trepmal/'> LATEST VERSION

href = 'http://profiles.wordpress.org/users/trepmal/ "> Download the ZIP package and extract it and let WP create All this page / post (or not )….

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